Perfect Niche Selection

Learn the powerful secret behind selecting the perfect niche you can thrive in, and how to never run out of content ideas...

... and all using only free tools.

16 Lessons

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16 Lessons in Perfect Niche Selection:


Learn if this course is right for you

The Goal

Learn the goal of this course

The Crucial Step

Learn why selecting the right niche is the crucial step

Niches Explained

Understand what niches are and how they are formed

The Big 3 Niches

Learn about the main root niches

The Big Mistake

Learn the biggest mistake in niche selection

The Perfect Niche

Learn how to pick the perfect niche

The Branding Secret

Discover a powerful branding secret and how you can use it to your advantage

Niche Validation

Learn how to validate a niche using free tools

Niche Down Genius

Lean how to niche down the right way

Segmentation Genius

Learn how to segment a niche like the pros

The Gut Test Method

Learn what to do when you can't validate a niche

The Niche Expander Method

Learn what to do when you can't monetise a niche

Troubleshooting Underperforming Niches

Learn how to troubleshoot an underperforming niche